Classe 300X13E :
The connected video internal unit

The facility of Bticino 2 wire technology with the advantage of the connection for more functions and extra services.

Classe 300X13E : The connected video internal unit


Using a smartphone Classe 300X13E allows you to manage the video internal unit calls, open the gate, activate the camera or switch the garden lights and watering, in and out of the homea.

Available in two finishes: light and dark.

The main functions can be activated by means of touch sensitive keys placed in an easily identifiable area with tactile guide for easier recognition.

Door Entry App: Designed for the final user

Door Entry App is a free application for Android and iOS smartphones which can be downloaded from the respective digital stores.

Configuring the App needs just a few steps and, thanks to the BTicino Cloud, the connection is totally automated and managed with the maximum level of security.

Discover how to install the Door Entry App (Video)

User Manual Classe 300X13E

Here is available the complete user manual


Section dedicated to Door Entry App Support. Use the app tha Classe 300X at the maximum of its potential.

Customer Care Classe 300X13E

If you wish to get more information, please contact our customer care support hotline.
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