With new devices making their way into our lives on a daily basis, it is not surprising that we have less and less time for each other and ourselves. In what can only be described as a fantastic concept yet also another avenue to encourage laziness, smart homes are now rising in popularity as people all around the world are cottoning on to its benefits. They are also providing an extreme amount of convenience in every area imaginable… what’s more, no matter where you are, you still have access to your home; a testimony to how advanced technology actually is in the 21st century.

If you are bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement to create your own futuristic abode, you need not ponder over it excessively. As long as you know what you want and what you need to make it happen, the rest is quite simple. Just remember the following for when you get started:

A housing system worthy of Batman himself, a smart home is actually a great way to cut down on your energy bills as well as multi-task when needed. You can set up different appliances according to your preference for example, how does an already boiling pot of tea or coffee as you hop out of bed sound? Absolutely fantastic yes and a great way to save up those precious minutes in the morning. Why not have a browse through your options?

The 21st century is truly a wonderful time to be alive. Sometimes it is not %uncommon to feel like we live in a future that was once only written about. Looking around us every once in a while and seeing the mind-blowing capabilities of our phones and laptops to name a couple, makes us sometimes ponder on whether we are at times traveling way too fast. No doubt our lives have been made that much easier considering how we can now send an urgent work e-mail, book a restaurant for dinner later that same evening, check up on your bestie overseas while also purchasing that headset you always wanted, all while snacking on your way somewhere else.

If you have not heard of the concept of a ‘smart-home’ before, now might be a good time to get used to the idea. Although it sounds like something worthy of a Bond movie (in fact many movies have featured such homes), it is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. There are options to suit a range of budgets so here are some ways a smart home can help you!

Do not be put off by the concept if money is your concern. In some small way, you can make a smart addition to your home and no longer have to pause that movie in the middle to get the door or turn off the stove.

How would you like to have the convenience of being able to switch off light bulbs or electrical equipment in your home from basically anywhere in the world? Or to know immediately if there are any intruders in your house? Or control the temperature or lighting in your home just by a simple touch on your mobile phone?

With smart home systems, this is not impossible anymore. As denoted by the word, it’s a ‘smart’ system.

A network
Smart homes use a network of technologically advanced automatic temperature control, lighting, security and multimedia systems. They are ‘smart’ thanks to the intricate computer system which has the capability of monitoring virtually every aspect of home living, every nook and cranny of the house, even when the residents are at work or away on longer periods such as on vacation. The entire house is monitored through a seamlessly integrated computer system.

It’s a system where most or all of the electronic equipment in a home are interlinked and can thus ‘communicate’ with each other and perform their functions automatically as has been pre-programmed into the system. For example, the air-conditioner will turn itself on when the house reaches a certain temperature which has been fed into the system. The lighting system will ‘decide’ when they should be switched on, depending on the level of illumination around the house. Isn’t that rather intelligent?

The many benefits

In fact, smart home security systems have been proven to do a better job when it comes to preventing intrusions and home invasions than security systems which need to be set manually.

They have proven to be beneficial for senior citizens as well as they can programme the system to fulfil their requirements, send reminders and alerts and ‘perform’ other functions which the seniors may sometimes forget, giving them much-valued independence.

One of the biggest advantages of a smart home system is energy efficiency and energy conservation. They regulate the usage of light, monitor heating and cooling equipment, and ensure that appliances are on only when someone is actually using them. These, in turn, lead to saving a lot of money for the owners and protection of the environment which has invaluable benefits. Although most people believe that these systems are very expensive and beyond the reach of the ordinary masses, the initial cost will be redeemed many times over in the long term due to savings a homeowner would make in the immediate present and in the future.

Energy efficiency

The safety and security of your house as well as the wastage of energy would be controlled and optimised by a smart home system, which would save you a lot in terms of sleepless nights as well as unnecessary amounts of money wasted on paying electricity and utility bills. A smart home system would help you take the first step towards being an eco-warrior.

If you are considering installing a smart home system in Dubai, the smart option would be to consult the Legrand Group, which has many years of expertise and experience in the area. They will study your requirements, decide what you need and come out with solutions which are tailor-made just for you.

Legrand would help you sleep easy, sleep smart!

What Should You Be Looking for in a Home Automation System?

Whether you happen to be a tech junkie or simply an individual with a taste for fashionable convenience, home automation is probably a trend you’ve either already indulged in or hope to do so in the future. What makes home automation so famous and lovable is the good amount of benefits the process brings about. Not only do you have the power to control the security of your home without being physically present in your home, you can also conveniently monitor the temperature and lighting of your home.

But, as is the case with everything else that you spend your hard-earned money on, you need assurance that you’re investing efforts into the right system, don’t you? And to be able to assure yourself of the long-term value of your investment, you need to be able to identify the most distinguishable features of a complete and nearly perfect smart home. So, what is it that makes a smart home top-class and worth the trust?

Relevant Functionality:

A smart home is a pretty fabulous thing to look at. Walk into one and you’ll immediately spot a number of features you’d want for your own home. However, be very realistic when you decide what features you want your automation system to support and whether you can afford these features at all! The best smart home system will be convenient to use, will save your energy consumption, cut down your utility bills, provide remote access and improve the security of your home significantly, all at a price that you are willing to afford.

Compatibility with Devices:

What essentially controls the functionality of your smart home is the hardware controller. To maximize the utility of your smart home ensure that the hardware controller of your system can manage as many devices as possible. The more inter-operable the system is the easier it will be for the different peripheral devices such as lights, thermostats, security hardware and other electronics to integrate with one another. For instance, using a single voice command of “leaving home” you may instruct the system to turn off the lights and thermostat simultaneously.


New technological innovations hit the marketplace every day. And of course there might come a time or two when a latest smart trend or feature makes you drool. Look for a smart home system that has the ability to accommodate future upgrades and trends so that usability is maintained.

Reliable Technical Support:

While a lot of smart home features can be classified as DIY, there are many installations that require professional and expert help. Companies with a good customer service and support staff that is both accessible and helpful will extend the value of your automation system.

Remember, your smart home does not need to be doing everything but only the things YOU want for it do. Choose a system that gives you relevant functionality, comes with dependable professional support and is compatible with a maximum number of devices.

Dreaming of building your dream home?  Imagine entering into a house where everything is totally under your control. Everything means everything!
From the temperature, the lighting, the music playing in the background, the entertainment you want to watch, alarm systems, drawing blinds when you wake up.Everything just the way you want without moving from your place at just the touch of a button.

It is not a dream! It is possible. All you have to do is make your home a smart home with home automation. Now you can make your home a secure, convenient and an enjoyable place to live in with smart home systems in Dubai.

What is a Smart Home system?

Smart home systems in Dubai is a home automation system where you have the ability to control the lighting, thermostat , security systems including locking door and windows and most of the electrical appliances in your home from anywhere.

The control of your home and its activities is now at your fingertips.  Through smart home systems in Dubai you can connect any device that works with electricity or radio waves to your home network and you can control it with a voice command, remote control, tablet or smartphone.

The best thing about smart home systems in Dubai is that now it is not a luxury only enjoyed by celebrities and the rich.  It has become more accessible and much more affordable that you could have ever imagined. Thus your dream of a smart home is not far out of reach.

A smart home system in Dubai makes your home a very secure place to live in and also makes life more comfortable and convenient for you. There are several benefits of opting for smart home systems in Dubai.

Benefits of living in a Smart Home

Livingin smart homes help you with simple things like switching off all the lights in the house with a touch of your smartphone  and  more complex things like receiving a live video coverage of your house on demand.

This ensures your security, the safety of your house and its belongings and especially your family if you are away from your house. You can leave your children alone at home without worrying about their safety. You can observe your children while you are away and always keep an eye on them to ensure they are obeying your orders, through a smart home system in Dubai.

Along with safety smart home systems in Dubai provide numerous other benefits like;

With smart home systems in Dubai, your life is going to be just a breeze for you saving time, energy and money in the long run.

No matter where you go and what comforts you have, there is ‘no place like home’ at the end of the day. This is so true, it’s not only in the movies, ‘home is where the heart is’. Our homes are one of the many places, that we tolerate today, with its lack of technology and advancement, as opposed to our offices. Our offices and cars are advanced than a decade ago, and if technology fails us at any given point, we become angry and will not tolerate it! We’re busy people after all.

As most of you go about switching lights, televisions, computers and other appliances off and drawing those tall curtains with a lot of effort, every day, it seems like technology has failed us in our own homes. Have you not allowed it in is the question.

You might think that a home automation system is for the likes of the rich and famous, and it was way beyond your reach, well you’re wrong. Home automation is no longer installed in the most luxurious houses and mansions, they also have the flexibility to come into your very normal sub-urban lair!

We find that today, there are many homeowners who are forming a relationship and familiarizing themselves with smart home technology that was previously considered too technical and expensive to install in a regular home. We found that smart homes are really becoming a game changer for many homes in Dubai as they opt for our home automation systems, at Legrand.

We look at some of the Smart Home systems that are often considered as ‘ too expensive or luxurious ’ including lighting scenes, multi-room audio, temperature control and security. You can get all these features without the need to spend big.

Lighting Control – With just a touch of a button, you can control, dim and zone your lighting to suit your lifestyle and your home.  So whether you’re reading, cooking, dining, entertaining or just relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee, you can dim the lights automatically, in specific areas of your home to suit your mood. Lighting Control is also a great way of saving energy, as well, so you can save money in the long run. The really smart element of lighting control is that the brightness can be adjusted throughout the house according to the time of day.

Sound diffusion –  You will like to enjoy some relaxing music after a hard day at work, just to unwind, a stereo sound system is a sound investment. Users of our sound system can select and control sound so that high quality sound may be sent to several rooms at the same time. Thanks to the various available audio/video mixer, it will be possible to choose between mono and multichannel systems.

Smart Home Multimedia – With this smart home systems you can enjoy your television show uninterrupted. Our home multimedia network will distribute audio and video around the house as well as access to computer and telephone networks wherever needed.  Custom-made living scenarios are spread throughout the home and can be programmed according to your mood using a touch screen. And one click is all it takes to access the channels and dim the lights. Now who’s making the popcorn?

Security – Our The burglar alarm system will protect your home and deter intruders with the presence of ambiances and perimeters. The system is composed by a flush-mounted central unit with integrated dialer, IR detectors and perimeter sensors. All the devices are interconnected. If someone tries to break in, it sends you an alert!

The blistering heat during the day in Dubai can literally cause your brains to melt like ice cream! We had many of our customers tell us that they felt like their homes are ovens. While this may sound amusing to you as a reader, it’s a different ball game if you live in countries that are susceptible to heat waves and scorching temperatures most of the time.

Well, in our case, we could not let this problem slide, and it’s not a secret that we are obsessed with the weather pattern in Dubai, where else will you be told to "take cover from the sand storm" or " this weather is perfect, I can’t bear to go back to the cold, rainy weather back home!". Is your home overstuffed with insulation?, it’s likely that you’re getting cooked in your own home and is a health hazard, but with the new ‘smart home‘ technology, we can make your home a cozy and comfortable place it once was in a cost effective manner.

At Legrand, our home automation systems are designed with the focus on providing a high level of comfort whilst using as little energy as possible for heating and cooling your home. With many of our homeowners, opting for glass walls, large sliding glass doors, glass French windows, managing the temperature throughout your home needs to be properly considered not just in terms of heating, but a way to keep your home cool when the temperatures soar. Glass houses are great, but come the hot months and you will be suffering.

So we put together a few ideas on how to keep your home cool using some of the home automation technology that we have to offer. Some of your homes will require little or more effort than others.

Turn off the lights and appliances in the home – One of our most popular smart home systems is the energy-efficient lighting control system, that ensures there is just the right amount of light when and where you need it. They are reliable and easy to use, provide safety and security, reduce expenses and are code compliant sustainable and environmentally friendly. We offer two types of solutions to ensure that your lighting management project saves energy and helps the environment.

Keep the blinds closed – If you don’t have roller shutters, there are still ways to keep the sun out of your home. Keep the drapes and curtains closed during the day. If you have motorized blinds or curtains, the smart home system can control these automatically depending on the weather and time of day.

Keep windows and ventilation outlets open in a strategic way – Surely you want to fling open every window to allow the cool breeze to circulate through the house. But don’t be too hasty, while this gives only temporary relief, as its very hot outside and all you’re doing is letting the hot air into the house. So think smart, and only open the windows where there is shade.

Install a temperature control system – Our temperature control system can manage the temperature in the different zones in your home, using a touch screen, multimedia touch screen and a video display. You can decide the temperature of each individual room based on its use and the time of day. This system takes into account the heat produced by the sun.

If you want to find out more about intelligent heating and cooling in your home, talk to us and discover the benefits that await you in a Legrand smart home.

Automated technology has been in our homes for decades from flicking a LED light switch to advanced home security systems. The concept has history and goes as far back to the 1930’s where the home of the future was unveiled in a world’s fair in Chicago. In the recent years the automated home has slowly converted into a smart home, thanks to the broadband internet, sensors and connectivity. The modern smart home system in Dubai can do more than open a door with a remote control – it can actually think and respond to a simple command.

Why you need a smart home system

The first impression we receive about the smart home systems is that they appear as a luxury system for modern homes. In all honesty, there are many systems connected to devices that allow a step by step process.

The smart home system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. The methods engaged in smart home systems in Dubai include those in building automation as well as the control of domestic activities, such as home entertainment system, security system, lighting control system, and temperature controlling systems. Devices are linked through a home network to allow control and access by a personal computer, and allow remote access from the internet.

From the integration of information technologies with the surroundings of your home, systems and appliances can communicate in a cohesive manner which consequences in energy efficiency, convenience, and safety benefits. In due course, a truly smart home will know who you are, where you are and what you want, all without us having to say or ask anything.

What can I benefit from a smart home system?

It’s great on Savings: Linked devices such as smart sprinklers, learning thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled lights, electricity monitoring outlets and water heating units reduce energy and water use.

Its amazingly Convenient: Its programmed to have your alarm go off every morning and make coffee just the way you like it, have your living room lights turn on as you arrive home from work, let the TV select movies of your favorite genre and the door open as you walk in with a bagful of groceries. It is amazingly convenient and is the ultimate luxury in the comfort of your own home. What’s more? Smart locks allow you to grant access to your family at different times, so you do not have to duplicate keys and worry about losing them. Then of course the sensor always reminds you when your fridge runs out of milk, and the WI-FI enabled doorbell is able to let you answer your door from anywhere in Dubai.

You have 100% Control: The smart home giving you absolute control over many things inside your house. From your fridges to ovens, to window bolts and garage doors, these can be controlled distantly via apps on your smartphones and tablets. This allows you to control your appliances as you wish, when you are not even home. If you forgot to switch off the oven before heading off to pick your toddler from Pre School , or check on the elderly living at home while you are away at work- a smart home system gives you 100% assurance and control over daily worries.

It guarantees Security & Safety: There are many modest, linked security solutions for your smart home in Dubai that are economical substitutes to constantly monitored security systems. Connected motion sensors Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, and smart smoke alarms can all be monitored from inside or outside your home via email, text alerts or even live video feeds. Smart sensors are programmed to detect humidity levels, water leaks, carbon monoxide, motion, heat and any environmental distress imaginable to help prevent minor accidents from turning into major disasters because they can communicate with you, wherever you are.

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